Stay Well This Winter Respiratory Illness


Please do join in with the campaign and share a photo of yourself or your team/colleagues wearing a scarf over their nose/mouth and share on social media using hashtag - #Scarfie. There are lots of suggested template social media posts including within the toolkit 

Flu Vaccination - Social Care Workers

Please see links below, the NHS Advanced Service for flu vaccination has now been extended to include social care workers.

Please ensure that you read the revised specification/PGD before commencing this additional eligibility group.

NB you cannot claim retrospectively for any social care workers whom you may have vaccinated privately or in error, and if any social care workers ask for a refund for an earlier private vaccination you are not required to provide one!


Healthy Living Pharmacy - Quality Payment Scheme Declaration

Just to remind those of you (who like to leave things to the last minute) that if you are planning to claim the Healthy Living Pharmacy payment in the November Quality Payment Scheme declaration, and have not yet submitted your self-assessment to Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), that you need to do this before this Friday, 10th November (and that’s cutting it fine!)

RSPH normally require 10 working days to issue a certificate based on your self-assessment, and there is likely to be a lot of additional demand at the moment.

Please find attached the relevant documentation and link,  for this.


Quality Payment Scheme November Declaration

The November Quality Payment Scheme declaration survey will open on 13th November, and participating pharmacies will have to meet the criteria on 24th November.

NHS England have produced a detailed guide which you can access at

We will continue with regular updates up until the review date.

Gateway Criteria and QPS eligibility.

Contractors will have to meet the Gateway Criteria at 24th November in order to claim Quality Payments.

Contractors who did not meet the Gateway Criteria in April can claim some payments if they meet the Gateway Criteria in November.

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