Final guidance on flu vaccine ordering for 2018/19 – action required by contractors

Following the publication of interim guidance last week, NHS England has this afternoon (5th February 2018) issued a letter to all community pharmacies and general practices giving final advice on ordering flu vaccine for the 2018/19 season.

The guidance, in a letter from NHS England’s National Medical Director and Director of Primary Care, and Public Health England’s Medical Director asks GPs and community pharmacy contractors to ensure their influenza vaccine orders for the 2018/19 season use the most effective vaccines for the population.

The letter says the clinical evidence is clear that for the 2018/19 winter season, GP practices and pharmacy contractors should offer:

Forum Meetings

Over the next coming weeks we will be arranging local Pharmacy Forum Meetings across Essex, please see events calendar for further details

Stay Well This Winter Respiratory Illness


Please do join in with the campaign and share a photo of yourself or your team/colleagues wearing a scarf over their nose/mouth and share on social media using hashtag - #Scarfie. There are lots of suggested template social media posts including within the toolkit 

Flu Vaccination - Social Care Workers

Please see links below, the NHS Advanced Service for flu vaccination has now been extended to include social care workers.

Please ensure that you read the revised specification/PGD before commencing this additional eligibility group.

NB you cannot claim retrospectively for any social care workers whom you may have vaccinated privately or in error, and if any social care workers ask for a refund for an earlier private vaccination you are not required to provide one!


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